Another Day, Another WOD

So today was not a nice day. The trainer is all peppy, she got a hair cut, and she was punishing us, I guess.

The warm up was 10 toes to Bar. I still can’t really do those, but I did get my toes up there once!
Then to finish off the warm up we did, “Sally Does Squats.” You know the song, “Bring Sally up, Bring Sally Down.” Yeah, well, we had to squat when they said down, and come up when they said up. My legs are still burning.

the WOD was a TABATA (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds off for each exercise, 8 times)

Kettlebell Swings
Sumo Dead lift High Pulls
Push ups
Box Jumps
Front Squat.

I was so glad to be done. My legs are killing me tonight, but it’s awesome to finish.

I did my measurements this morning, and my waist is down another half inch and I’m down almost a pound from last week.

I’ve managed to have no cheats and am sticking to Paleo pretty well. I tend to struggle on teh weekends, so I hope that I can stick to it.


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