Another Day, Another WOD

So today was not a nice day. The trainer is all peppy, she got a hair cut, and she was punishing us, I guess.

The warm up was 10 toes to Bar. I still can’t really do those, but I did get my toes up there once!
Then to finish off the warm up we did, “Sally Does Squats.” You know the song, “Bring Sally up, Bring Sally Down.” Yeah, well, we had to squat when they said down, and come up when they said up. My legs are still burning.

the WOD was a TABATA (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds off for each exercise, 8 times)

Kettlebell Swings
Sumo Dead lift High Pulls
Push ups
Box Jumps
Front Squat.

I was so glad to be done. My legs are killing me tonight, but it’s awesome to finish.

I did my measurements this morning, and my waist is down another half inch and I’m down almost a pound from last week.

I’ve managed to have no cheats and am sticking to Paleo pretty well. I tend to struggle on teh weekends, so I hope that I can stick to it.


WOD – 8/7/2014

So today was my first day back to the gym since Monday. I normally make it three times a week, but my daughter was sick. I figured since I missed Wednesday, I had better haul my ass there today. I’m so glad I did. I miss the class when I’m not going.

Today the warm up was squats (!!!), it was good, even though I was just now not sore from Monday’s squats and burpees. 25 squats, 10 burpees, twice.

The WOD was a 21-18-15-12 of Deadlifts, I did 75 pounds and a 480 m. run. It felt like a crap ton of running.

I’ve been super good about sticking to Paleo these last couple weeks also. I didn’t have breakfast right away, but after I got back to work from the gym I had a scone that I made using this recipe as a base. So good.

Then for lunch I had the total of half a bell pepper, some guacamole, 4 slices of salami and a nectarine.

Dinner tonight was Bacon Chorizo Smothered Meatloaf with steamed broccoli.

So good.

Somewhere in there today I had two squares of dark chocolate, but it met the paleo requirements. yum.


Workout – 8/4/2014

So today was a good day!

I stuck to the Paleo diet all day. My only cheats are that I through a tiny splash of milk into my coffee. It makes me enjoy it more. and if a little dairy is my only ‘cheat,’ then it’s worth it.

Even though I’ve been going to the gym for more than a month now, I still get a little nervous before I walk into the box. I’m not sure why, but I’m getting over it.

I get to class and the usual instructor is not there. Alex was training us today. One thing I like about new trainers is that they get you to work on things. He had me work on my squat. I changed my form enough, that I was losing balance, so I had a box behind me in case I fell on my ass. ha

Here’s what was on our whiteboard:

Warm Up:
240 m. run
25 push ups
25 squats

3 rounds for time
25 squats
15 power cleans
25 sit ups
15 box jumps

I finished in 14:03.

Not my best, not my worst, but I feel good.



A Few Weeks In

Ever since I had children, I’ve struggled with weight. I’m tall. I have super broad shoulders, and a chubby gut.

I heard about this crazy diet called Paleo, stuck with it for a while. Lost tons of weight. I felt so good about myself.

Fell off the Paleo wagon.

Got cancer. Gave myself free range to eat whatever the hell I wanted.

Went on steroids because of the camera.

Got really fat. Like, as fat as I was when I was going to the hospital to have my youngest.



In the middle of June, I decided that trying to go to the afternoon WOD class at the gym just wasn’t going to work. I made the decision that my health was worth more than that, (cancer has a way of doing that to you), and have started going to the 9am class.

I’ve gone three times a week for about a month and a half. My weight has not yet started falling off, but you know what? I have muscles in my arms. Real live muscles. I can squat further, lift more, and have made new friends.

I decided last week that I needed to get back on the Paleo wagon. We got a big project done and out of the way, and I was able to go to the store and stock up on healthy, beautiful, Paleo approved foods.

I hope you’ll stick with me as I take this journey.